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Army Surfing, formerly The Army Surf Riders Union (ASRU), is responsible to the Army Sports Control Board (ASCB) for the correct and safe administration of the sport of surfing. The generic term “surfing” includes the riding of longboards, shortboards, mini-mals and bodyboards, however, it does not include the use of windsurfers, waveskis, kayaks or kite surfboards.

Army Surfing aim to meet at least 3 times a year at various spots around the country as well and host the Army Championships & compete in the Inter-Service Championships. In addition we aim for an overseas tour at least every 2 years. Army surfing also has a range of equipment available for surfers to borrow for official events.


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  • President – Brig John Ridge
  • Chairman – Maj Andrew Ward
  • SecretaryCapt Tim Cushnie